ECSA Team Racing


Team racing action… it’s a whole different game!




The racing schedule is posted online. Monday afternoons are reserved for team racing. Flexibility to change schedules is encouraged but if mutual agreement between the host and visitor clubs is not achieved, then a forfeit by the club not meeting the scheduled competition is recorded. Results of each match must be e-mailed to Megan Raymond immediately.

The Championship Regatta is scheduled in August at Yale. The top TWO East Division and top TWO West Division clubs will be invited to attend. See the regatta announcement in the details of the calendar for specifics. Trophies will be awarded to the top three teams at the ECSA Annual Awards.  ***Traditionally ECSA takes two from east and two from west.  If Yale is not in the top two, than we invite a third east team to allow Yale to sail as the host.  A good rotation in one day is very hard with six teams but doable if there is wind.

If agreed upon by both teams in advance, protests may be done on the water at the RC boat with the Race Committee as the Protest Committee. Both boats will come alongside the RC boat and hold the hearing.

Team Racing Eligibility – Once a Sailor enters the ECSA team racing series for one club or association, s/he may not sail for any other club or association in Team Racing even if s/he is a member of both clubs or associations. A sailor may represent any club or association s/he chooses for individual regattas.  Full time paid sailing instructors may not sail in the ECSA Team Racing or All Star Regatta.  Junior Instructors (typically not paid, paid very little, or working part time) may sail in the ECSA Team Racing or All Star Regatta provided they are legitimate members of the club or association they represent.