Actions of Eastern Connecticut

PHRF Handicappers Council




ECSA PHRF application website is active and ready to receive handicap applications. 4 April, 2018


May 2018   Handicappers’ COUNCIL meeting.

  • The online rating system was reviewed and is working well.
  • New ODR language has been adopted and is posted online and as follows: Any boat requesting an ODR PHRF rating must conform to all hull, rig, and sail rules as specified by its One-Design Class Rules. ODR limitations to crew number and weight shall not apply. Practices permitted by the class, but otherwise prohibited by these ECSA PHRF Regulations, or the Racing Rules of Sailing, such as the use of trapezes or movable ballast, shall not be allowed.

This clarification is retroactive.  Boats currently sailing ODR that do not meet these requirements should contact their handicapper.

  • Established base boat handicap for EVELYN 32-2 CTM (BLUTO) at 72/92.
  • Established base boat handicap for S2 7.9 IB CB at 177/194.
  • Established base boat handicap for ROZINANTE at 204/212.
  • Reviewed and maintained base boat handicap for J-28 at 168/184.
  • Revised base boat handicap for Catalina 275 Sport Boat 264/288
  • Next meeting June 26 if required

April 2018   Handicappers’ COUNCIL meeting.

  • Thanked retiring handicapper Stu Craig for his service.
  • Discussed web site activity – email notifications to be addressed
  • Reviewed and confirmed 2018 adjustments for asymmetrical spinnakers
  • Xc 38 does not use a sprit / asymmetrical spinnaker to be rated as deck tacked
  • Discussed ODR Regulations for PHRF. New language is under review.
  • Established PHRF base handicap for Freedom 28-2 at PHRF 192/204
  • Established PHRF handicap for Tripp 26 ODR at PHRF 114/134
  • Established PHRF handicap for Soverel 27 OB at PHRF132/151
  • Next meeting, 29 May at ECYC


March 2018   Handicappers’ COUNCIL meeting.

  • Welcomed John Fries as a new member of Council.
  • Reviewed and approved 2018 additions to ECSA PHRF Regulations, see ECSA website.
  • Reviewed ratings for J-105 ODR and J-109 ODR
    • Revised base boat handicap for J-105 ODR RFR to PHRF  96/114
    • Revised base boat handicap for J-109 ODR RFR to PHRF  77/97
  • Discussed Large Roach Headsails (LRH) defined as headsails having a mid-girth > 50% and < 75% of SFL when measured as a spinnaker. Council stipulated that LRH sails are not allowed in ECSA PHRF.
  • Reviewed status and updates to online rating application software.
  • Next meeting, 24 April at ECYC

February 2018   Handicappers’ COUNCIL

  1. ECSA PHRF Welcome letter posted on ECSA website
  2. ECSA PHRF Regulations for 2018 are posted on the website.
  3. The current listing of ECSA Handicappers is also posted.
  4. The ECSA handicap application software is under development. Notice will be given when we will accept applications.

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