Actions of Eastern Connecticut

PHRF Handicappers Council



30 May 2017   Handicappers’ COUNCIL MEETING

  • Reviewed KISS 44 (BAGATELLE) PHRF handicap appeal. Agreed to change handicap “AS SAILED” to PHRF 93/108.
  • Established PHRF handicap for the SHIELDS ODR at PHRF 174/187.
  • Established PHRF handicap for the FLYING SCOTT at PHRF 204/210.
  • Established PHRF handicap for the Hanse 400 DK at PHRF 78/89.
  • Discussed the use of BLOOPERS. Bloopers are classified as a headsail and such are sublet to the requirements of Section IV of the ECSA PHRF Regulations.
  • Discussed the use of Stay Sails. The ECSA 2017 PHRF regulations have been revised to clarify the use of various staysails while racing in Spinnaker class. Restrictions for the Non-Spinnaker class are also clarified. In Section IV of the Regulations; paragraphs E, and F are so modified. In Section VIII of the regulations, paragraph E is added. The ECSA PHRF Regulations, as modified 30 May 2017, are posted on the ECSA web site.
  • Total of 158 handicap certificates processed to date.
  • Next meeting at ECYC on 27 June should there be sufficient business.

25 April 2017 Handicappers’ COUNCIL MEETING

  • Reviewed J-133 PHRF handicap. Agreed on no change at PHRF 21/41.
  • Reviewed appeal of VALKYRIE (C&C 34/36R). Reclassed boat as C&C 34R Custom (new keel). Revised handicap to PHRF 87/107.
  • Established PHRF handicap for the SIRENA 38 at PHRF 99/117.
  • Discussed update of the new web site software, now active.
  • Total of 83 handicap certificates processed to date.
  • Discussed RFR rational. Removal of OEM roller furler is considered a boat modification.
  • Next meeting at ECYC on 30 May. Will hear BAGATELLE appeal.

28 March 2017   Handicappers’ COUNCIL MEETING

  • Discussed PHRF Web site activity. Logic error discovered in the save function in software being worked by programmer.
  • 2017 revised PHRF Regulations posted.
  • Decided to review J-133 PHRF handicap at April meeting.
  • Revised the PHRF handicap for the CATALINA 275 to PHRF 255/279 RFR.
  • Revised the PHRF handicap for the Xp-44 AM SD to PHRF 30/48.
  • Revised the PHRF handicap for the Xp-44 CM DK to PHRF 21/39.
  • Established PHRF handicap for the X-4 at PHRF 36/54.
  • Established PHRF handicap for the Xc-38 at PHRF 81/101.
  • Established PHRF handicap for the IMPULSE 21ORD at PHRF 189/207.
  • Established PHRF handicap for the BENETEAU OCEAMIS 381 at PHRF 138/158 RFR.
  • Reclassified CAPO 30 to “HP”.
  • Scheduled handicap appeal of VALKYRIE (C&C 34/36R) for April.
  • Next meeting at ECYC on 25 April.



7 February 2017   Handicappers’ COUNCIL MEETING


  1. Discussed PHRF Web site activity. Revised software should be should be operational within the week..
  2. Finalized language concerning RF adjustments. As:

Roller Furler Restrained (RFR) A boat, not subject to One Design or Class rules, which sails with ALL head stay jibs that are tacked to the top of an above deck mounted functional roller furler, and are raised within a head foil (excluding inner stays or free flying staysails), using a head stay swivel such that the sails can be furled, shall be considered “Roller Furler Restrained” (RFR).

Boats that are sold by the original manufacturer in the RFR configuration, upon which the base boat handicap is established, are referred to as an RFR Base BoatAll other boats, whether equipped with a roller furler or not, are referred to as a Non-RFR Base Boat. In all cases, owners MUST specifically indicate their configuration in the application process.

The RFR adjustments are as follows:

                                                        Spinnaker Class                         Non-Spinnaker Class

Sailing as                                 RFR    non- RFR                     RFR        non-RFR

RFR Base Boat                              0            -3                               0                -3

Non- RFR Base Boat                  +3             0                             +3                 0

3)  Email notifications from the handicap software emanate from Individual spam filters may inhibit receipt.

4)    Expect revised 2017 PHRF Regulations to be posted shortly.

5)    Volunteers reviewing base boat listing:

  1. a) AB list — Jim Francis. (note complete)
  2. b) C list –Neal O’Connell,
  3. c) HP list – Jason Swan,
  4. d) SB list – CJ (note complete)
  5. e) Custom list – Bob Geary

6)     Reviewed IMX-45 TMDK base boat handicap at length. Base boat handicap remains at PHRF 18/36.

7)    Next Council meeting at ECYC – 28 February 2017 should there be sufficient business..

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