The Performance Handicap Racing Fleet of the ECSA


Dear ECSA Racing Sailors!

The 2017 season has arrived. Each year we work to improve the Website Application and the PHRF handicapping process. We would like your feedback on how these experiences have worked for you.

MODIFICATIONS The PHRF Council reiterates the requirement to list applicable modifications to your boat. We have defined carefully which modifications are reportable. Specifically we differentiate between repairs, which restore a boat to its originally manufactured condition using materials similar to the original; and those changes which are beyond the standard allowed modifications, and that have the potential to substantially affect a boats performance. You must continue to list these modifications even if such changes were previously reported as they all need to be listed on your current PHRF certificate.

ROLLER FURLER RESTRAINED ADJUSTMENT Council has codified the handicap adjustments for roller furling headsails so it applies equally to both spinnaker and non-spinnaker classes. This adjustment requires that the roller furler must be fully functional and mounted above deck. The furling system must be in use at all times, and the largest jib, when used, must be set using the furling system and must be able to be furled using the system. This adjustment does not apply to custom boats, as they are handicapped on an individual basis, which takes this feature into account. To receive this adjustment, an owner must specifically select this option in the application process. Please refer to Section IV of the 2017 Regulations for additional detail.

SAIL MEASUREMENTS Submission of sail measurement certificates is required if you acquired a NEW (or different) rated sail (main sail, largest jib, and largest spinnaker) since your LAST ECSA PHRF CERTIFICATE was issued. These should be obtained from your sailmaker and forwarded to your assigned handicapper. No PHRF certificate will be issued until we have valid measurements. If you are unable to obtain a measurement certificate from your sailmaker, contact your handicapper to arrange a measurement.

DEFINITIONS Please note the recent changes to the ‘Definitions’ in the 2017 ECSA PHRF Regulations:
(a) in 2015 we adopted the IMS definition of “TPS”, and the term, JPS, was deleted. When an Asymmetric or Symmetric spinnaker is flown from a pole, TPS is equal to SPL.
(b) The council adopted a new definition for Headsails, utilizing the term “JGM” with a maximum jib mid-girth of not more than 50% of its foot length.
(c) The term “SFL” was added in added to facilitate spinnaker area calculations.
(d) The term “RFR” has been added to define Roller Furling Restrained constraints.
The PHRF application continues to require that you to indicate if you have a Code Zero spinnaker or not. Currently there is no penalty or credit associated with having this sail.

APPLICATION PROCESS In order to get your PHRF Certificate, simply log onto the ECSA website (www.ecsa.net), click on “Membership”, then “Join”. At that point you’ll be able to import a prior year’s data. If your boat qualifies for the spinnaker class roller furler credit, you will have to select that option in Section 7 of the input data sheet; even if there are no other changes from a prior year. If you didn’t have a prior ECSA PHRF certificate, you’ll be asked to provide contact information, as well as your boat hull and sail measurements. Once you have completed the input data sheet, you will pay the ECSA/PHRF membership fee with a credit card. (Note that ECSA membership is required in order to get a PHRF Certificate.) When this is done, you will receive e-mail confirming your membership, and notifying you that your handicapper will be in touch with you within the next ten days. Your handicapper will also be automatically notified that your boat is ready to be handicapped. Your handicapper may contact you with questions, or to arrange to measure your boat or sails. Once the handicapper has completed the handicapping procedure, you will be notified by e-mail. At that point, you will be able to log onto the ECSA website and print out a copy of your PHRF Certificate.

QUESTIONS If there are any questions, please refer to the ECSA 2017 Regulations elsewhere in the 2017 ECSA Yearbook (or on the ECSA website) for clarification or contact any one of the PHRF handicappers listed.

We wish you Good Sailing,
ECSA Handicappers Council

2017 membership is closed.

If you received a notice to sign up in October 2017, that was an error. Sorry for the confusion, it was accidentally tripped. See you in Spring 2018!