Actions of Eastern Connecticut PHRF Handicappers Council



HANDICAP COUNCIL ACTIONS TAKEN at the 29 June 2020 Meeting

  1. Reviewed progress with 2020 ECSA PHRF Handicap Applications.
  2. Agreed to review DARK STAR rating appeal at the next Council Meeting.
  3. Revised Andrews 30 Mk1 Custom base boat rating lowered to 123/143 at owner’s request.
  4. Confirmed J/125 SPECTRE as an ODR boat.
  5. Agreed to conduct further review of FREEDOM 25-2 rating for next meeting.
  6. Agreed to explore options for Recreational Credits.
  7. Resolved to establish policy with regard to boats with Lifting Foils.
  8. Next meeting date: July 27, 2020

HANDICAP COUNCIL ACTIONS TAKEN at the 2 June 2020 meeting

  1. Reviewed the status of the online handicap system and noted the following:
    • Boats new to ECSA must have all rated sails measured by a handicapper or sailmaker.
    • The date of review for sail measurements must be noted on the rating form by the assigned handicapper
  2. Approved update in Regulations for Deck-Tacked Asym Spin where TPS>J
  3. Established Base Boat handicap for BENETEAU OCEANIS 423 at PHRF 108/130
  4. Revised Base Boat handicap for RAVEN 24 ODR at PHRF 159/165
  5. Discussed certified weight of DARK STAR at 4500 lbs.
  6. Reviewed the updated Base Boat Database that includes Downwind Sail Area/Displacement (DnSA/D) and Downwind Performance Index (DnPI) datapoints for a more rounded assessment of boat performance.
  7. Agreed to review updated BB Database to check if there are any misclassified boats.
  8. Next meeting date Monday, June 29, 2020

HANDICAP COUNCIL ACTIONS TAKEN at the 27 April 2020 meeting.

  1. Reviewed status of online handicap system.
  2. Reclassified X 332 as class C boat.
  3. Established Base Boat handicap for Morris M29 at PHRF 165/179.
  4. Agreed that options for ECSA “BOW” points is not a topic for discussion by PHRF of Eastern Connecticut and defer to the ECSA Board and Offshore Director.
  5. Decided to proceed with review of options and guidelines for mixed class racing.
  6. Approved decision to include Downwind Sail Area/Displacement (DnSA/D) datapoint for Base Boat ratings for a more rounded assessment of performance.
  7. Next meeting date June 1, 2020

HANDICAP COUNCIL ACTIONS TAKEN at the 30 March 2020 meeting. 

  1. Welcomed new Council Members: Blake Marriner, Luke Georgian, Bill Tyler, and Edgar Smith.
  2. Reviewed 2020 ECSA PHRF Handicap Software – all functioning satisfactorily.
  3. Looked at final edit to PHRF Regulations and Bylaws as published.
  4. Reviewed LINDY oversized mainsail. Reversed council ruling from December 2014 and assessed -2 second adjustment.
  5. Demonstrated Sail Measurement Calculator provided to all council members.
  6. Next meeting date April 27, 2020

HANDICAP COUNCIL ACTIONS TAKEN at the 24 February 2020 meeting.

  1. Recognized Bob Geary for his years of dedication in leading PHRF of Eastern Connecticut.
  2. Provided an update of progress on the 2020 ECSA PHRF Handicap Software
  3. Rescinded November 2019 decision by council to require weighing CTM boats. However, new boats to the area without documented performance data, may benefit with certified weight data.
  4. Identified Code Zero measurements that shall be noted on rating certificates
  5. Reviewed and approved edits to the PHRF Bylaws, paragraph 5.11
  6. Reviewed candidates and identified 4 new HC Council members
  7. Continued discussions on guidelines for mixed class racing
  8. Discussed new handicapping opportunities
  9. Agreed to work at Time/Distance recommendations for racing
  10. Next meeting date March 30, 2020

HANDICAP COUNCIL ACTIONS TAKEN at the 27 January 2020 meeting.

  1. Reviewed status of 2020 ECSA PHRF Handicap Software
  2. Agreed to not handicap CUSTOM EVELYN 32-2 (DARK STAR) until a weight cert is provided
  3. Reviewed and approved ratings:
    • J-105 ODR and PHRF ratings – No Change
    • MX-20 SPORT ODR (Cranky Pants) – No Change
  4. Continued discussion on guidelines for mixed class racing – will review with ECSA Offshore Council
  5. Agreed – Certificates for all Code Zero sails and all Rated Sails will be recorded on rating certificates with dates and key dimensions noted.
  6. Reviewed and approved revisions to the 2020 ECSA PHRF Regulations
  7. Confirmed – All Custom boats require certified weight certificates in accordance with IRC standard equipment being on board at weigh-in. To be noted on certificates
  8. Discussed new council member candidates
  9. Next Council meeting Monday, February 24, 2020.

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