Actions of Eastern Connecticut PHRF Handicappers Council


28 May 2019    Handicappers’ Council meeting.

  1. Discussed new HC software.  No major issues to date.
  2. Reviewed and approved the following Base Boat handicaps:
    • TRIPP 26 ODR at PHRF 117/137
    • CATALINA 36-2 TM at PHRF 141/163,
    • J/44 UFO  at PHRF 39/58
    • J/121 CM RFR at PHRF 12/35
    • HUNTER 216 CB at PHRF 225/241
    • FARR 40 MH at PHRF -3/14
    • MORRIS 44/46 at PHRF 105/126
  3. Discussed rating for Bluto E 32 Mod.  (aka Dark Star). Insufficient data/no action taken. No current cert issued.
  4. Reviewed application of adjustments  for deck-tacked asymmetric spinnakers
  5. Discussed anomalies with mainsail girths. MGL changed to 0.85 of E
  6. Agreed to continue study of boat classification criteria (AB, C, HP, SB).
  7. Possible HC adjustments for Code Zeros to be discussed in Fall 2019
  8. Next council meeting on Tuesday, June 18

30 April 2019    Handicappers’ Council meeting.

  1. Discussed experience with new PHRF application software.No issues noted.  System is open for business at  ECSA. net, click on JOIN.
  2. Set the base boat handicap for X-4.6 at PHRF 39/58 RFR.
  3. Modified handicaps for the Beneteau 42s7.
    • Set the SM DK at PHRF 69/85.
    • Set TM DK version at PHRF at 63/79.
  4. Set the base boat handicap for MX-20 SPORT ODR at PHRF 186/208.
  5. Corrected BB database displacement values for J-29 at 5500# for the outboard versions and 6000# for inboard versions.
  6. Will review the handicap for the Tripp26 at the next meeting.
  7. Next council meeting on Tuesday, 28 May.

25 March 2019    Handicappers’ Council meeting.

  1. Released new ECSA PHRF Handicap software to Council in test mode.
  2. Demonstrated the new ECSA PHRF Handicap software features:
    • Step-by-step process for handicappers
    • Access to Base Boat Ratings
    • Join options & Public handicap certificate views
  3. Council will continue testing of PHRF software prior to mid-April release.
  4. Summarized and discussed the significant updates for 2019 PHRF Regulations
  5. Discussed concerns of “Favoritism”. Intent is to be fair and open in deliberations and decisions.  All meetings are open.
  6. Voted to retain AB Classification for certain yachts.
  7. Reviewed examples of oversized and illegal sails; protocol for 2019
  8. Discussed pending mods for Bluto E 32 (Dark Star) for 2019 rating. No action taken.
  9. Discussed base boat handicap for Beneteau 42.7 (Team Tonic). Further data required; no action taken.
  10. Discussed new boat, an X-4.6. Decision on base boat HC pending.
  11. Recommended that CTM boats be weighed to improve accuracy of base boat data.
  12. Reviewed key points of Detroit VPP Study
  13. Next council meeting on Tuesday, April 30

Other Council Actions Reports