The Ron Sternicki Trophy for Most Races Sailed

The Ron Sternicki award is presented annually to the ECSA member skipper and yacht who competes in the most ECSA circuit races during that season. The award should not be considered a participation acknowledgement, rather, it is meant to recognize the energy, effort, and enthusiasm spent on a full season’s campaign.

Ron Sternicki was known for his persistence on the circuit. He and his crew of “Strange” won the ECSA circuit overall in 1992.

2023 Winner: Bruce Kuryla – “Milford Sailing Foundation”

Past Winners

2022 Bruce Kuryla
2021 Bruce Kuryla
2020 Bruce Kuryla
2019 Bob Bruno / Mark Salerno
2018 Mark Salerno / Chris Griffin
2017 Dave Nauber / Chris Griffin
2016 Brian Prinz
2015 Mark Kondracky
2014 Mark Kondracky
2013 Bruce Kuryla
2012 Bruce Kuryla
2011 Bruce Kuryla
2010 Tom Treat / Bruce Kuryla
2009 Bruce Kuryla
2008 Manfred Noack
2007 Reinhard Sarges/Doug McDonald
2006 Bruce Kuryla
2005 Ron Levine/Lee Duran
2004 Nick Amendola
2003 Bruce Kuryla
2002 Bruce Kuryla
2001 Ron Levine
2000 Ron Pearl
1999 Ron Levine / Bruce Kuryla / George Carlson
1998 David Dickerson
1997 Dennis Marron