The Stu Silvestri Award for Best Race Management

The Stu Silvestri trophy is awarded to the ECSA member club who shows the best race management. Stu was a member of Thames Yacht Club and proper race management was her passion. As the secretary of ECSA she worked to promote fair sailing in this area. She was also an engineer at Electric Boat and raced her Ranger 26 “Jester” with her family. Her daughters followed her path and scored very well in the Blue Jay Nationals. Her son, Stewart, competed in multiple America’s Cup campaigns.

2023 Winner – Duck Island Yacht Club

Past Winners

2022 Off Soundings Club
2021 Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club
2020 Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club
2019 Niantic Bay Yacht Club
2018 Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club
2017 Windjammers Sailing Club
2016 Mystic River Mudheads
2015 Milford Yacht Club
2014 New Haven Yacht Club
2013 Off Soundings Club
2012 Thames Yacht Club
2011 Essex Yacht Club
2010 Branford Yacht Club
2009 Mystic River Mudhead SA
2008 Pine Orchard Yacht Club
2007 Ram Island Yacht Club
2006 Housatonic Boat Club
2005 Mystic River Mudhead SA
2004 Mystic River Mudhead SA
2003 Off Soundings Club
2002 Milford Yacht Club
2001 Duck Island Yacht Club
2000 Off Soundings Club
1999 Pettipaug Yacht Club
1998 Thames Yacht Club
1997 Thames Yacht Club
1996 Off Soundings Club
1995 Pine Orchard Yacht Club
1994 Duck Island Yacht Club
1993 Thames Yacht Club
1992 Milford Yacht Club
1991 Thames Yacht Club
1990 Duck Island Yacht Club
1987 Milford Yacht Club
1986 New Haven Yacht Club
1985 Baldwin YC & Shennecossett YC