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Mark your  calendar  for the annual awards dinner November 16 at Pine Orchard Yacht Club. More info to come


On November 10, 2018 at ECSA’s Annual Dinner at Pine Orchard, ECSA awarded the Commodore’s Trophy to Brandon Flack for his significant contributions to our sailing community. The last time the trophy was awarded was in 2016 to Paul Risseeuw for all he did for junior sailing.


When Paul passed away, there was a huge void – we are still learning about all the things Paul did for our junior sailors. Brandon Flack stepped up and enthusiastically picked up the reins and has kept thousands of young ECSA sailors on the water. In addition to growing and managing the ECSA Juniors program, Brandon has also been creating and growing the MudRatz youth sailing program and The Dinghy Race by Volvo Construction Equipment. Thank you for all you do Brandon!


Save some money!

ECSA is now a member of the US Sailing MVP program. In a nutshell, you can save
• $10 for individual
• $5 for youth
• $15 for family
on your US Sailing membership if you sign up through this program. Regardless if you are current or prospective member of US Sailing, we encourage you to take advantage of the savings. To renew or join through our partnership program, sign up through this link: US SAILING MVP SIGNUP

In addition to your savings, ECSA receives a $10 credit ($5 for youths) for each of our members who join or renew as part of the MVP Partnership.  We can use these credits to pay for US Sailing training and educational programs.


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Please consider a donation to our Grant Fund

ECSA is committed to promoting sailboat racing and one of our methods is the ECSA Grant Fund. It is designed to provide financial help to serious racers who are mounting a regional, national or international campaign.

If you are mounting a serious racing campaign, send the ECSA Board of Directors a letter explaining your campaign, plans and expenses. The Board meets monthly to decide which requests merit consideration. You can help by donating to the Grant Fund when you become a member, and you can do it on line.