Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Curated Covid-19 Updates from Gowrie

Gowrie  and Risk Strategies are carefully monitoring the information and developments related to this crisis, and we are curating the most relevant information, updates, advisory messages, and notifications on their website for clients and the greater marine and boating

North U Webinars

Safety at Sea Courses

Coastal Safety at Sea Online Course  

Offshore Safety at Sea Online Course 

Storm Trysail Club is offering their Offshore Safety-at-Sea videos to the public at this time (they are usually reserved for their Safety-at-Sea Seminars). A new video is released Friday mornings. 

Man Overboard Recovery
Understanding Weather 

Understanding Weather Part 2 
Using Safety Equipment

Shipboard Firefighting Strategies

Flares, Liferafts, Emergency Steering (new)

US Center for SafeSport Prevent Child Abuse Webinar

US Sailing Starboard Portal A new video channel that keeps sailors connected to their sport with resourceful videos and live content featuring a variety of knowledgeable experts

US Sailing Coronavirus Resources 

Various Videos from Sailing Scuttlebutt

American Camp Association’s COVID-19 Resource Center for Camps

North Sails PHRF Racing Spring Refresher Webinar (new)

Guide to Operating Your Boat Business Safely (new)