ECSA Handicapper Council Actions 2005


(No meeting)


Council took the following actions:
1) Changed the classification of the Catalina 22 from “AB”, to “C”.
2) Agreed to utilize the following mainsail girth limitations: 7/8=.22E, 3/4=.38E, 1/2=.65E. Owners will be required to declare excess girth if not standard for the boat model.
3) Reviewed all ECSA division winners, and agreed to undertake full review of the following boats: Melges 32, winner Div. 3, Noe 27 En Charette, winner Div. 4, Modified O’Day 34, Hornet, winner Div. 7.
4) Agreed to review the following boats in the “En Charette” neighborhood: J/27, Impulse 26, Evelyn 25, Wyliecat 30, and Soverel 27.
5) Agreed to re-reveiw the Carrera 280 as part of the Melges 32 neighborhood.
6) Skip the December meeting. Next meeting will be held at the Essex YC, on 1/31/06.


(No meeting)


Council took the following actions:
1) Moved the rating of the Carter 39 from 111/134, to 114/137.
2) Agreed to add mainsail roach limits to the 2006 regulations.
3) Ageed to investigate methods of penalizing oversized asymmetric spinnakers.


(No meeting)


(No meeting)


Council took the following actions:1) Rejected competitor’s appeal, leaving the keel modification penalty for Spectre (modified Peterson 34) at -6 seconds/mile.2) Left Bagatelle rating at 57/72 pending observation of performance, subsequent to keel modification.


Council took the following actions:1) Rejected owner’s appeal of the rating for the O’Day 34, leaving it at 150/1722) Rejected owner’s appeal of the rating for the modified Evelyn 42, Hooligan, leaving the rating at 30/51


Council took the following actions:1) Moved the rating for the Cheetah 30 from 81/100, to 84/103.


Council took the following actions:
1) Moved the rating for Sirprize (modified Sirena 38) to 88/105, pursuant to owner’s appeal
2) Corrected the handicap database to reflect a draft of 7.5’ for Sirprize
3) Assigned a one-design rating of 81/100 to the J/100, based on class sail dimensions detailed on the class website
4) Established the Morris 36 as a one-design, allowing a larger asymmetric spinnaker, based on a JSP measurement exceeding J
5) Affirmed a decision to disallow over-sized asymmetric spinnakers, rather than attempting to penalize them, until methodology becomes more generally accepted
6) Changed the S2 9.1 from C to HP7) Changed Arabesque (Chance Custom 32) from HP to C


Council took the following actions:
1) Moved the rating for the custom J/N 33, Diamonde Noir, from 114/129, to 108/123.
2) Rejected owner’s appeal of the custom Lathrop 40, Volunteer, leaving the rating at 54/70.
3) Agreed to reclassify Volunteer as a Lathrop 39 rather than a Lathrop 40.
4) Increased the ratings of 5 harshly rated boats, pursuant to a study done by Norm Rabe.
5) Dropped the Clearwater 36 from the database.


Council took the following actions:
1) Reviewed all boat ratings above 200, in light of national rating averages and other information. Lowered the ratings of 102 boats (most 3 seconds, but some, more) effective next season.
2) Agreed to revise the definitions of “I” and “ISP” in the 2005 Regulations.
3) Agreed to investigate improving website error notifications. We will also request that the boat model type which appears on the PHRF certificate, and which drives the sort function, be derived from information entered by the handicapper rather than the applicant.
4) Reviewed all 2004 ECSA circuit winners. We agreed not to adjust any of their ratings at this time.


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