1) Voted to table review of Settler’s rating, pending policy discussions between OSC and ECSA
2) Decided not to require the use of black bands, and to continue our current practice with regard to the declaration of mainsail girths
3) Bruce Kuryla will draft revised language regarding ODR requirements. He will circulate the new verbiage via e-mail, and obtain concensus prior to the end of December so as allow for publication in January.
4) Linc Schoenberger announced that he will not be a candidate for Chief Handicapper next season
5) Linc will contact Jim Francis to see if ECYC is available for the January meeting.


1) Reviewed ECSA division winners and decided to do full reviews of the ratings for the following boats; Nonsuch 30, Melges 24 ODR, O’Day 34, Secret (cstm. N/M 42), and Settler (cstm. Peterson 42)
2) Decided to review regulations pertaining to the use of bands for E and P limitations, mainsail girth measurements, and One Design rating requirements.
3) Affirmed the non-spinnaker roller furling credit
4) Next meeting to be at Branford YC


(No meeting)


(No meeting)


(No meeting)


(No meeting)

1) Moved the Kiss 44 (Bagatelle) from 57/72, to 75/90.
2) Next meeting to be held at North Cove Y.C.


(No meeting)


1) Moved the Tripp 36 from 72/93, to 69/90
2) Next meeting to be held at North Cove Y.C.


1) Voted to leave the Morgan 24 at 228/247
2) Voted to leave the Nonsuch 30 at 189/189
3) Next meeting location to be determined.


1) Elected 2009 slate of handicappers. (See List of Handicappers elswhere on this site.)
2) Voted to leave the Melges 32-2 ODR at 24/40
3) Moved the Noe 27 (En Charette) from 141/158, to 138/155.
4) Moved the Wyliecat 30 from 147/147, to 144/144.
5) Next meeting to be at Essex Corinthian Y.C.


Other Council Actions Reports